Fabrizio De Rossiwasa supporting character in the film, Titanic. [Seeing Cal getting ready to light up a cigarette, he throws Cal his lighter]. [lowers the divider, whispers into his left ear]  The fall alone would kill you. Even before the iceberg hits, a substantial amount of the film is about the pressure Rose is under -- as a result of social class, poor finances and the expectations placed on women -- and Rose’s own sense that she is drifting through life with no real control is very firmly established. Then he added quietly so only Lovejoy would hear him, "At least they were cheap.". Jack, wait. I couldn't go. You know, my Pop's used to tell me, every time he saw one, it was a soul going to heaven. LOOK, a shooting star! No, stay where you are! Really? : : Jack Dawson(1890 -1912) is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Rose DeWitt Bukater) of the famous James Cameron's romantic movie, Titanic and the love interest of Rose DeWitt Bukater. : : Col. Archibald Gracie Jack : [gasps in amazement]  Listen, Rose. O… I always win Jack, one way or another. I can't feel my body. Rose enceinte de Jack ? Jack Dawson, Fabrizio De Rossi, Tommy Ryan, Thomas Andrews, Brock Lovett They look at each other, and Rose brings Jack's head down to her level; finally kissing his temple. Right. Jack : : Well said, Jack. Jack She’s often shown surrounded by them but this is more often used to illustrate Rose’s isolation, as she very rarely does anything more than sit there silently and look distraught. Age There's, uh, there's no arrangement is there? Cal Hockley I'm gonna never forget you! "I don't see what all the fuss is about," Rose said coolly, unable to bear listening to everyone around her look at the ship in awe. Jack : "Her husband apparently struck gold out west somewhere. She replied curtly. She puts her hand to his face and caresses it], [points towards the cushion covered couch], [referring to being wrongfully accused of stealing the diamond necklace, when Lovejoy put the diamond necklace in Jack's pocket], [stepping into the water for the first time, surprised by the cold feeling, after Rose rescues him], [to Rose, after showing her his art portfolio], [looks at the tickets as Jack and Fabrizio reach the end of the ramp], [as she looks through the sketches in his portfolio], [after wining the tickets from a poker game, running through the hallways of the ship with Fabrizio], [to Rose, after the collision, overhearing the ship's officers walking by them, telling each other the extent of the damage]. She was born into a wealthy family. It's not up to you to save me, Jack. Gloria Stuart (old version) Rose DeWitt Bukater, later known as Rose Dawson Calvert (1895 - 1996) is the heroine in Titanic and was the love interest of Jack Dawson, until his death. : Come on. Are these all for me? You're gonna die an old... an old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. If you were not forever booking everything at the last minute, we could have gone through the terminal rather than running along the dock with the squalid immigrant families." She was, after all, going to be his trophy wife. [nods]  : : Trudy asked her, holding up one of the Cubism paintings. two pairs. added by leoandkatefan. Passenger on RMS Titanic It wasn't a smile Rose was used to seeing amongst her society. Jack : : She was born into a wealthy family. "You'll have to check your baggage through the main terminal. 6. : Rose We're passengers! That's not the point! : I mean… just think that tonight, when I crawl between the sheets, I'll be the first!" The purpose of this page is to find the true love story of rose and jack : C'mon, give me your hand. She’s intelligent, brave, passionate, fiercely determined and very independent. And you're gonna die if you don't break free. Jack She was rather fearless, jumping back on to the Titanic to be with Jack despite knowing the dangers of doing so and venture in to a flooded E-deck to locate the former. No, let me try and get this out. : [Panting]  Jack : Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater's love affair is the central focus of the film Titanic, written and directed by James Cameron. You know somebody? Love Interests Southampton, England You're so stupid, Rose. For me Paris was more about living on the streets and trying to put it on paper. Powers / Skills Almost as good as you. Rose One of Titanic's several posters. "Here," she said, giving him one of them. Cal merely reached into his pocket, and brought out a fat wad of bills, which he gave to the porter. As she entered to the Grand Staircase she was greeted by everyone who perished aboard the Titanic and reunited with her first, and possibly only true love, Jack Dawson. : : A young woman of seventeen stepped out. That's typical. Jack : God! Saved by Natalia Villafuerte. She’s shown to remember a few female characters fondly -- such as the unconventional Margaret Brown -- but we don’t actually see them interact much. She isn't like those of us that have always had money. Oh God! Anyway, we don't have lice, we're Americans. "I felt like black." : Stay back! Jack and Rose. Rose : Jack Green In the film, she is portrayed by Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart (Winslet played a younger Rose while Stuart played an elderly Rose).In 1912, the 17-year-old Rose boarded the luxurious RMS Titanic in Southampton, England, with her her mother and Caldeon, who is simply referred to as Cal by most. "Something Picasso…" Rose replied uncertainly as she selected a painting an artist known as Degas had made of a ballerina. Fabrizio? Now hold on to the railing. The best I've seen, ma'am. And even insulted me. Tell you the truth, I'm a lot more concerned about that water being so cold. Jack Well, it's a simple question. Trudy asked her. Keep your eyes closed. The woman smiled a genuine, friendly smile to her and Ruth as she passed. Brock's crewmates are left annoyed as they stare over the railing. Jack: It’s gonna take a couple of minutes to get the boats organized. It would take her back to America bound and chained to Caledon Hockley. Red (in 1912) White (in 1996) Jack Rose! I've got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. added by vichen. Here you go, Cal. I trust you. Jack Jack: Listen, Rose. Gimme your hand. "You can be blasé about some things, Rose, but not about Titanic! I'll be fine... really. I mean, I've got everything I need right here with me. : Laura Del Cake. : : : You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. Come aboard. : Not much is known about her father, other than the fact that he died while she was still young. "Who was that, exactly?" : You jump, I jump, right? [about to dance an Irish Jig with many people watching]  Come on, come with me. : This is absurd. : "All part of my charm, Ruth." She strokes his hair and face as he continues to catch his breath], [Jack and Fabrizio are playing poker in a bar in front of the port]. I'll be all right. Rose Jack wasn’t just a boyfriend -- to Rose, he was also a way out. "Excuse me, miss," she said, giving a short curtsy before leaving the room. [She reaches her hand back, he reaches his forward, and he helps her back onto the deck]. "God," Cal said, coming back in from their private deck, "not those finger painting again. Right, Dawson. Why? [trying to imitate the southern American accent]  Unlike many other fictional characters, gender stereotypes are directly shown to have a negative influence on Rose within the movie. : Rose : I'm so cold. A porter came running in after her, mumbling his apologies for not collecting her bags once brought aboard. : Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams to the rest of the world, but to Rose, it was the farthest thing from it. Come on. It is unknown who his parents were, but they died when he was … You're distracting me! Rose and I differ somewhat in our opinion of fine art... Cal Hockley I can't imagine Monsieur Monet blushing. Jack Kate Winslet (young version) Gloria Stuart (old version), Unnamed Father (father) Mr. Calvert (husband until his death) Lizzy Calvert (granddaughter). Desde então, Kate Winslet cresceu, amadureceu e se firmou como uma das melhores atrizes da década de 2000. Jack Enemies Rose doesn’t really have much of a weakness. : No no no, just with her hands. : Rose is actually a really interesting character to look at in terms of gender stereotypes. Rose : Just go with it! It doesn't make any sense. [to Rose as he kisses her hand at the bottom of the grand starway]  Why can't you just answer the question? He is an Italian native. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. You can't think. 11. She appears to have formed her interests and tastes on her own, too. He is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. [talking privately in the Titanic's gym room]  You used her several times. Behind the scenes. Rose wanted nothing more than to jerk away from him. . | Date of Birth video. She still has bad habits from being born poor." Ruth : Jack "Your daughter is far too difficult to impress, Ruth." Put your hands on me, Jack. : We're a couple of regular swells. Wait! Well, you deserved it. "Oh yes, that's because she's one of the 'new money' people in society," Ruth explained. : video. You don't want to do this. I figured life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. Jack Rose was brought out of her daze when Cal forcefully grabbed her arm, and dragged her toward the gangplank. I'm not saying it wouldn't. The porter stared at the enormous tip he had been given before crying out, "Oh, yes, sir! Anyway, I, uh, I fell through some thin ice; and I'm telling you, water that cold, like right down there... [He gestures with his chin down toward the Atlantic Ocean]. [with an English accent, siting in the front sit of a car, after honking the horn]  : : In the deleted scenes, an alternative ending is shown where the elderly Rose is found by her grandaughter, Brock Lovett and his crew mates as she prepares to throw the Heart of the Ocean overboard. Rose This is not a suitable conversation. Cause of Death Jack : She and her granddaughter Elizabeth Calvert visit Lovett and his team on his salvage ship. added by Lovetreehill. Jack Ruth Jack I didn't. 1895 Rose Rose 1 Prehistory 1.1 Rose DeWitt Bukater 1.2 Jack Dawson 2 History 2.1 On the Titanic 2.2 Falling in love 2.3 Sinking of the Titanic and aftermath 3 Legacy Rose DeWitt Bukater was a beautiful and wealthy first-class passenger aboard the Titanic. Molly Brown : It's all right. As she holds him, he gently lays down on her chest. Being adventurous Rose Rose: I love you, Jack. She looks down at the water. Rose doesn’t really relate to that many other female characters. Family 1 Prehistory 1.1 Rose DeWitt Bukater 1.2 Jack Dawson 2 History 2.1 On the Titanic 2.2 Falling in love 2.3 Sinking of the Titanic and aftermath 3 Legacy Rose DeWitt Bukater was a beautiful and wealthy first-class passenger aboard the Titanic. : Rose That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. He intended to spend every moment this afternoon boasting to the other first-class men on being the wealthiest man aboard later on over cigars and a large brandy once lunch was over. However, this all takes on a slightly different light when you consider exactly what Jack meant to her. : : Portrayed By She also has a slim, curvaceous figure and a well-endowed chest. Ruth 4. We'll think of something. Instead, she simply gave him a quick peck on the cheek. [after telling Rose there's another lifeboat on the other side of the ship and he and Jack can get on the lifeboat and away from the ship safely]  : Cal laughed. La lovestory Jack/Rose est peut-être à l’origine d’une pure fiction, mais comme on peut s’en douter, il y avait de vraies relations amoureuses à bord du Titanic. [Jack and Rose are cuddling in the back seat of the car]. Trudy asked. : Jack He was bumped again a moment later by a man who looked as though he was their father. Jack Rose