Back in present time Stefan comes home and finds Klaus there, "enjoying" their stalemate. He manages to succeed and stabs Marcel with the blade. They defeat all the guards and break an employees neck and gets into a secret room filled with werewolves and one vampire. Klaus suddenly daggers Elijah with the White Oak Ash Dagger seemingly for trying to kill him during the sacrifice, and then he runs towards Stefan and puts a wooden stake close to his heart. Klaus tracked down his father, but came too late; Mikael compelled a bunch of drunk humans to deliver him a message, and attack him. The CW. They ultimately find Ray in Tennessee where Klaus has Stefan kill two more girls before they corner Ray in a bar. [172]Klaus with Elijah and Hayley, In Dead Angels, Klaus goes to the cemetery to give Cami a few of the dark objects. Klaus responds to this by saying that he is not so sure because if they are going to run from him they will need a cloaking spell and for that they need a witch. Eventually, he feeds Caroline his bloods and says "Happy Birthday". Finally, he was seen again when Rebekah went to the Salvatore Boarding House to talk to Stefan, and he calls Rebekah a hopeless fool for loving too much, and daggers her. Klaus tells her he needs her loyalty but it is honor his brother the Cami asks what about her brother and says she needs to know who did it and make it right. Meanwhile, Klaus called Stefan and taunted him about ruining his plans for a hybrid filled future and asked him how Elena was doing with her hallucinations. Klaus shouts out in anger as the witches leave with the baby, he gets his neck snapped and he drops to the floor. Klaus take him outside and tells Elijah not to kill them because they need them on their side. He meets her immediately and asks her what's wrong. Rebekah argued that she'd acted with human decency and Klaus said no, the most human thing in that moment would have been if she could stomach standing by watching April die knowing she couldn't help her. A few years later, Mikael hurt Klaus in the woods during a fight between them, with Klaus starting the fight by believing that if he beat his father once, Mikael would show his approval to Klaus. Marcel draws Klaus away and the two fight, while Elijah holds off the whole vampire army on his own. Greta removes the fire circle surrounding Jenna, who rushes over to attack Greta as a last-ditch attempt to thwart her. He could then access all the power he had as a wolf in his human form. He holds a hearing for Rebekah and she confesses what she did in 1919. He then told the alpha (and Aiden, who was also present) to come to his house later. He toasts to Marcel and Rebekah, that they find joy in each other and that he has killed Rebekah's lovers to protect her from a broken heart if they have to move. Klaus is one of the two main antagonists in Season Two (the other being Katerina Petrova) and a supporting antagonist/anti-hero in season three and four of The Vampire Diaries. Meredith kills him before he can do anything. Caroline then finds out that the Triangle required three distinct massacres: a human one, a demon one (hence the massacre of the hybrids), and a witch massacre. Klaus finds his daughter in a backseat in the truck. Suddenly, Rebekah's portrait catches fire, telling Freya that Rebekah is Lucien's new target. In They All Asked For You, Klaus is seen talking to Rebekah and Elijah on the phone. Cami shows and asks Klaus to tell Lucien to stop murdering people in New Orleans. He was once beaten, half to death, as a boy, when his father's blades went missing. One day the Governor threw a party for the Mikaelson's. Ansel tells him that Esther forbade him from seeing Klaus, so he waited for Klaus to trigger his curse, but when that happened Mikael found him first. He goes to talk with Cami. Hayley wants to go help her, but Klaus does not comply, saying his life and his daughter's life is on the line, telling her that from now on they do things his way and leaves the bar. He and Elijah stake each other and their ashes scatter across the wind as they die. Damon gives Rebekah time to escape Alaric. Elijah asks his brother if he wants to bring their father upon them; but Klaus tells Elijah to relax. He spotted Cami, admiring the same artist. Klaus is the third and last Original Vampire to be invited into the Gilbert House. After Tyler unwillingly follows Klaus' orders and bites Caroline, he goes to Klaus asking him for help. They arrived at a crypt and found Sophie chained up and she revealed that Agnes used a cursed object on her that will affect Hayley and kill Klaus' baby. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus is first seen in a flashback with Hayley, in which she allows Klaus to feel the baby kick. He brought her to the location of the opera that burned down in 1919 and reveals that it was the work of Mikael. In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther, while possessing Rebekah, convinces Klaus to go the 1920's dance by telling him that Caroline will be there. He is brought back home and sees that Elijah has some of the dark magic put into him to help as much as he could. When Caroline showed Klaus that she had now given up on him, not feeling sorry at all for him, Klaus struck quickly, pulling her up to him before biting her. He created the myth of the sun and moon curse in order to find the moonstone and the Petrova Doppelgänger, both of which were needed to break the actual curse. In the novels, Klaus seems to have fought in every major war through time (Alexander the Great's army, the Trojan War and in the wars that led to the Roman Empire's downfall). Klaus has 8 birds tattoos, on the left side of his chest. Klaus replied by saying he made Marcel what he is and treated him like a son and after Mikael chased him and his siblings from New Orleans, they all believed that Marcel had been killed and they mourned him. Before the start of the fight Klaus throws a coin and states that whoever picks up the coin will get to live, but nobody picks up the coin and the fight begins. Now that Klaus is awake, so is Dahlia, she uses telekinesis and steals the stake from Klaus. This makes him the second Mikaelson, beside Mikael to ever physically harm Dahlia. And because of that he suspect that Davina's loyalty to Marcel has been strained, perhaps Davina is open to other alliances. "He's all yours. After almost being caught, their plan worked and they were welcomed into the count's court. It's complicated, but they respect each other. In return he is asked to set Camille free. Initially, Klaus hated being a vampire, after he was turned into one, but he eventually accepted his vampire nature, although he revels/embraces both his werewolf and vampire natures, there is still some part of Klaus, that resents Mikael and Esther for turning him and his maternal half-siblings into vampires against their free will. The relationship between Klaus and the mother of his child has evolved along the series, both coming to a mutual understanding, while Klaus also shows that he cares about her. Instead, Klaus offers to use himself to link to Dahlia, as he is an Original Hybrid. By 1835, Marcel and Rebekah spent practicing fencing, whenMarcel was finally an adult, he could best her in a duel he attempted to make his move on her only to be stopped by Klaus. Klaus is very hurt by this, so he kills Esther's body when the time for the spell nearly runs out. In 1887, Klaus undaggered Rebekah, revealing he had left her daggered for 52 years. Klaus and Marcel are standing on the balcony of the Abattoir and Marcel is telling Klaus that they lure humans to his club and at midnight they feed on them, Klaus questions Marcel about what they do with the bodies and he reveals that they feed the vamp blood to avoid any suspicion. When Klaus and Elijah insisted, Kol attempted to resist them but was subdued by Elijah as Klaus pulled out one of the white oak ash daggers and successfully neutralized Kol. The walls were coming down. Hayley then inform them that she and her wolfs found Aurora. While doing this Aurora shoots Elijah, after that Klaus had to take the bullet out before it was to late. However, Katerina managed to foil his plan to use her in the sacrifice by turning into a vampire. During this time, Klaus was very critical of Marcel and Rebekah's relationship, and they were determined to remove Klaus from their lives, and unbeknownst to Klaus, used a witch to call Mikael to New Orleans. When Klaus arrives at the location he meets his real father, but doesn't seem at all happy about it. Klaus and Elijah arrive at the Rousseau's and they find Sophie and Sabine knocked out. It was revealed that Hayley didn't really have a witch, and she wanted Klaus the kill the 12 hybrids for the sacrifice. Then he compelled Cami into dating Marcel and to be his spy. Rebekah calls him again and informs Klaus of that Katie is the girlfriend of Thierry, making him the key element in the plan. They kiss and enjoy a moment together. As a member of the North East Atlantic Pack by blood, Klaus does not get along with any member of the Crescent Wolf Pack at all, for good reason, with the exception of Aiden and Hayley, until the latter betrayed him; by trying to take Hope away from him. They realize they have to burn the photo, so no one will see it, and then Rebekah says she will take Esther's deal, and take her down with her. They put it to a vote, whether they should let him live. When Marcel snatches Jackson and Oliver as they arrived with the black kyanite stones needed for the spell, Klaus deduces from Genevieve's inability to locate them that Marcel had a cloaking spell around him. Klaus and Hayley first interacted in The Rager, when Hayley first visited Tyler in Mystic Falls, being the one who helped him break his Sire Bond. She arrives that evening wearing the dress and the bracelet he had given her for her birthday. He wanted it so he could destroy it. According to him, he fought in the Trojan War and helped cause the downfall of the Roman Empire. In the books, Klaus was the one who killed. He heads to the warehouse where he and Elijah find Jackson bound to a chair tied to explosives. And that now he's nothing to him. In a scene between Rebekah, Marcel and Josh, it is revealed that Klaus tried to compel Josh to steal a dagger from Marcel, however the compulsion didn't work because Davina removed the previous compulsion of Klaus from him. He let Jeremy kill Chris, and the Hunter's Curse was broken. After he helped save Klaus' child from being sacrificed, Klaus gave him some blood to cure the werewolf bite and they returned to being allies once more. Klaus says that he is disappointed that she is not begging for mercy and forgiveness. The others realize that Stefan believes Sue’s killer is a vampire and Damon is left to guard the girl. Lucien, Aurora and Tristan attend at the Thanksgiving dinner and Elijah and Klaus reveal the reason why they host this dinner. Not keen to the idea at first, Klaus has shown to care about his child in more than one occasion, fearing that someone might try to take her away from him. Later in the woods, Hayley is trying to comfort Klaus, but the latter says he don't need advice on healthy mourning from a girl who kept her husband's heart in a box. When she admits she hasn't really been anywhere like that, he promises to take her anywhere she wants. They find Bonnie to complete the spell and while she originally refuses to use the dark magic needed, Klaus begins ripping Tyler's heart out, forcing Bonnie to do the spell. However, Klaus realizes that Stefan has arrived and goes to speak to him on top of a cliff. Klaus then go to Marcel's loft, and tells Vincent and Josh that Marcel is dead. Later, after Bonnie finally divulges the location, Klaus arrives at the Witch Burial Ground to find Damon there. Kol tries desperately to reason with Marcel but he grabs Kol and bites his neck then throws him. His first appearance is in 19th episode of the second season of The CW television series, The Vampire Diaries and the 41st episode of the series overall. Klaus, with Kol and Marcel debating how to escape the compound. Later, at night, they both sit near a bonfire, and Ansel informs Klaus that he knows that Hope is alive. I've never died. He explains that he has other plans for Stefan and needs him alive. [204]Klaus in the books He does not take being betrayed very well, especially if it is from a member of his family. Afterwards the brothers began to ignore each other and sat down right in front of each other and read. The Vampire Diaries är en amerikansk TV-serie (baserad på böckerna The Vampire Diaries av L.J. They found him in a tavern where he drank and feasted on humans carelessly. They have a chat and Hayley appears and Hayley supports Cami. Klaus and Marcel stare at one another; Klaus says that he thought his friend was dead. Meaning, her. Klaus the waits at the Abattoir for Marcel and when he shows up he tells his son that his attempt to stall him was pathetic and he taught him better than that. He is part of the main characters during Season Three, and Season Four. After the other coffins were moved to his house, Klaus is surprised by Elijah, un-daggered earlier by Damon, standing in front of him after killing a hybrid. Klaus also has a sense of honor and will not go back on his word although, he will always look for loopholes in the deals he makes. He was afraid so she gave him a necklace which he believed would protect him and remind him that Esther will be with him always and forever. In 1002 Klaus heals Lucien with his blood and Lucien goes to have revenge but is killed becoming the first of Klaus sire line. Soon after becoming a Hybrid, Mikael had Elijah help him restrain Niklaus, and Esther to use her Dark Magic to place a curse on him which forced his werewolf side to lie dormant, and then rejected and abandoned him. [79]Klaus returns. Klaus is upset that his friendship and family bond with Marcel had ended, as he understands Marcel's anger and vengeance, however, (silently) he cannot make excuses for his ex-best friend's behavior, the look on Klaus' face moments before Marcel stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade; clearly indicates that he plans to make Marcel suffer for his treachery against him and his half-siblings. In the late 15th century, he lived in a village in Germany, where the people thought that he was the devil himself. [146]Klaus vs. Mikael, In Red Door, Klaus reunites with Kol. Klaus admits to Ansel that he would have liked to be his son, but since Ansel knows about Hope, he kills him. In the present time he is in very good mood after his trip to Mystic Falls. Later Klaus and Rebekah were having a talk with Sophie asking her to do a tracking spell in order to find Elijah and Davina at the same time. Klaus and Marcel start to argue before celebrating Klaus' return. :) I hope you guys understand my question, my english is not that good :). He tells Hayley that Elijah can be freed from the sleep by a plant, as his mother used to put Mikael in the same magical sleep. Klaus taunts Marcel about the difficulties of being the King, relating his own situation. When Niklaus and his brother Henrik went to see the wolves transform, Henrik was killed by one of the transformed werewolves. In The River in Reverse, Klaus is having breakfast with Rebekah. He threatens to kill the werewolves in the room and leaves enraged. And he will carry her with him. When Klaus drinks Elena's blood, he dies. Elijah asks what that is. One day, a maid begged for his help to save her dying mistress, Katherine von Swartzschild. After a few months Hayley is reunited with Hope but her relationship with Klaus remains fractured. Klaus feared that Hope would reject him upon being saved from Marcel's captivity. Marcel then turns to the crowd around them saying that these are Klaus' sirelings and they are here to bear witness to the fall of the Mikaelsons. 7. Niklaus Mikaelson (a.k.a. Klaus was introduced to Katherine Pierce on his birthday. Camille referred to Klaus as "the most ruthless vampire in history". Klaus finds Marcel sitting on a makeshift throne. She says that she can't sleep because she dreams about what Sean did and she hates it. He is taken back to Lucien's Penthouse and is chained up. In the novels, the character of Klaus was partially based on Rutger Hauer's character (John Ryder) in the 1986 movie The Hitcher. For over a thousand years, Klaus had been trying to break a curseplaced on him. Rebekah tells him to handle it and he says that he needs a distraction and Rebekah says that she is on her way. He was connected to the Labonair Family, a royal werewolf family via his daughter, and a member of the North East Atlantic Pack as well as an unnamed Witch Family. He is saying that it's the mark of the Phoenix Sword, and reprove Stefan for making an enemy out of Rayna Cruz. After being told that Jackson is dead and Hayley was kidnapped Klaus uses a spell, which Freya did, in order to lock Cami up and he says to her that he will be back before she starves and he also left her some human blood. Klaus is a brilliant strategist, and skilled in making people suffer, traits he inherited from his mother. He was later seen talking toConnor, who was tied up in his mansion, asking him for information. Despite their warnings of Mikael's coming, he refused to flee. Klaus attends to the party. Klaus then tells her to talk with Elijah before it's too late, as the prophecy is still upon them. Klaus travels to the magic free zone with Hope and Marcel. Both of them have a short conversation about Cami andHope while Davina watches. During his search for a way to break the curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. The three brothers hear a noise and head towards the center of the compound. Personality wise, Klaus is extremely sinister, sadistic, psychopathic, ruthless, evil, cruel, vindictive and dangerous. When she finds out in the Season Four premiere that he was still alive, their relationship started to completely and totally fall apart when he chose to save Caroline over his own half-sister. [33]Klaus bites Katherine. In My Brother's Keeper, Caroline and Klaus had a date that she accepted in exchange for one of his hybrids to save Elena. Klaus has an age of between 4700 – 6500 years old. Klaus tries to make Marcel his friend again and tells him that his decision to take over the city was not entirely his own. He ends up getting the location of the pack from Ray, then he finds the location of Ray's pack and ends up feeding Sutton his blood before killing him in order to turn him into a hybrid. What do I care?" They turn up at the junkyard, where they find Hayley and her pack preparing to head for Alaska. In The Rager, Carol Lockwood calls Klaus and his last remaining hybrids back to Mystic Falls to serve as protection for Tyler. He gave him permission to bleed him out again, if needed. Also as an untriggered werewolf, Klaus had the aggressive behavior of one, but he could not act on it due to his mother making him wear a magical necklace, created to weaken his strength and thus leaving him vulnerable to Mikael's abuse. Klaus informs her that Elena is no longer his concern, but is convinced to let Bonnie try to save Elena in order to keep the Petrova Doppelgänger bloodline alive. [167]Klaus welcoming the trinity, In Out of the Easy, Klaus is seen kissing Aurora and when Elijah asks him he tells Elijah that he and Aurora are back together. [85]Klaus and Elijah. [152]Klaus unconscious from Finn's spell, In Brotherhood of the Damned, Klaus is with Davina at St. Anne's Church talking about Kol. It was Silas. He has also shown a penchant for working with witches which was mentioned by Katherine in Know Thy Enemy. Suddenly they are alone and Cami is sobbing for Klaus. Klaus was primarily a member of the Mikaelson Family, and a member of an unnamed Family of Werewolves. Klaus and Elijah drive there together and search the bayou for any sign of Hayley. Rebekah then intervenes by threatening to kill their father with a sword if he doesn't stop beating Niklaus. Klaus gives him some advice, Elijah should start with the werewolves if he wants peace. By accident, Stefan forgets his phone on the table, and Klaus answers Caroline, who just then called Stefan. A few hours later, Klaus attends at the Christmas' celebration where he according to Rebekah he seems merry. Klaus made arranges for Hope to come home, and told Hayley she will be safer with them at New Orleans, before presenting her to Jackson. He shows her the night that Henrik died, when Klaus carried his body back to the village. On June 20, Klaus sends Stefan a package with Caroline's scarf in it and a note telling him to meet him alone to the Old Francher Place. In Klaus' case, Mikael was abusive to him for his impulsive and reckless behavior, justifying that his punishments would make Klaus stronger, but Mikael was only ever disappointed in everything Klaus did and beat him repeatedly throughout his mortal life. In retaliation, Klaus traveled to Bulgaria and murdered Katerina's entire family for her defiance. He rushes to find Kol, pulls the dagger out and threatens to kill the Salvatores, but Elijah stops him. Rebekah intervened and told Klaus that it is okay to care and to want something. They embrace and hold hands as they head toward the center of the Mikaelson compound. He has very little tolerance for disloyalty, if any of his friends or members of his family have try to kill him, or betrayed him to his enemies who wants him dead, Klaus disowns them and no longer see them as his friends or family; like Esther, Finn, Rebekah and Marcel. At first she refused, but then she agreed, and asked her if that was their thing (having champagne together) and she replied they didn't have thing. Klaus is greatly affected by this and screams to Genevieve that he has had enough of her lies. However, he soon reveals that she doesn't really have a choice and stakes Stefan in the back. In Our Town, Stefan visits Klaus and tells him to get his hybrids out of the town. [120]Klaus hugging Marcel, Marcel blames Klaus for Davina's death and this is making another barrier between their relationship. Marcel led Klaus and his inner circle on a walk through the city, where we saw vampires on balconies and rooftops. Elena counters saying that they will never truly trust him again, and that he is wants a back up family, which is why he is draining her blood instead of simply snapping her neck. Tyler and Klaus were arch nemesis' and had the most intense rivalry on the show. Klaus repeats his demand that Stefan return his family, now that his hybrids left town. Marcel then thankful for Klaus saving him will give him back Elijah. Then Elijah comes to the church and Klaus grabs Agnes. After Caroline leaves, Klaus is surprised to find Silas at the site, thanking him for performing the massacre. He then breaks a statue and pools out a stake. In that moment, Klaus took the Governor's son and threw him off the second story, killing him immediately. Kol is Klaus' maternal younger half-brother. The current state of their feud now is unknown, and possibly ended now that the two have gone down very different paths. He then tells Elijah he healed Thierry, and that Marcel thinks he is on his side again. The night after graduation, Klaus and Caroline have a moment. He first saw her when she was bar-tending, someone she later remembers as being the "$100 guy". He created the myth of the sun and moon curse in order to find the moonstone and the Petrova Doppelgänger, both of which were needed to break the actual curse. She shows him how Marcel and Rebekah sneaked around behind his back and he already was aware of this and tells her if it's part of her plan to turn him against Rebekah it is ineffective. Klaus's earliest memory is of carrying a bronze axe, placing his inception in the Bronze Age … He reminds her with a smile that she once said that he could talk his way out of hell. She'd never have to again cover their connection with hostility and revulsion or loathe the darkest parts of herself that care about him despite all that he's done. In Season Twoof The Originals, Klaus is shown to have developed strong paternal instincts since the birth of Hope. And I know she will not rest until our family is united. Klaus decided to entrust the safety of her daughter to Rebekah, she returned to New Orleans to take Hope with her and care for her. [99]Klaus makes a deal with Davina. Nik tells Elijah about the prophecy. In 1933, despite the fact that his werewolf side was dormant at the time, Klaus still held werewolves in high regard. Elijah tells Klaus to take Hayley and Hope and get out of the city but Hayley won't hear of it. Klaus later finds out that Stefan was asking about Mikael, the person that he was maybe running from in the 1920's. Their parents came home and Klaus tried to take the children, but Meredith fought back and bit him, so he let her stay and taunted her parents, saying to feed her a tablespoon of blood a week if they wanted her to stay alive. She refused to reveal where Agnes, believing they would kill her if they found her but when Klaus made it clear that he does not care about the harvest or Agnes she gave them her location. Klaus, realizing his brother was too wild to control, daggered Kol yet again. In her head, they sit at a corner cafe and chat while they wait for Lucien's blood to take effect. Then he escorts her home. Klaus and Hayley share a moment in which Klaus asks her what Mikael has told her about him, Hayley tells him "Nothing true", which shows that they now have a good relationship. She said that she didn't, and so he killed her by decapitation. In the series, he corrupted Stefan almost like he corrupted Katherine in the books. She invited him in and asked him if a vampire could have compelled Sean into killing nine people. When an entity known as The Hollow threatened his daughter's life, he reluctantly returned to New Orleans to deal with this threat once-and-for all, though he gained a disdain for New Orleans, due to the fact that it reminds him of all the horrible things that had happened to the people he cares and love for, such as Camille's death. [151]Klaus, still at Mississippi, In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Klaus returns to the safe house in Arkansas with Cami, and inform her that Hope is still alive. The first season of "Vampire Diaries" centered on high school students. When it didn't, he decided to go after Rebekah. After she leaves, the two brothers sit on the same bench years ago and talk more. He destroys Elena’s appearance to hurt both her and Stefan, but Stefan refuses to turn away from his beloved and uses his own Powers to restore her appearance. [124]  Rebekah tells Hayley that, although Klaus is a monster, there is still hope for him in the form of his unborn daughter. They both have hurt most of their siblings. Stefan came up to him and asked him about when they were going to find the cure, and he told him that he had done his part by finding the sword, now Stefan had to do his part by helping Jeremy complete his mark. Later, flashbacks show Mikael and Elijah tying Klaus to a wooden pole as their mother, Esther, cast a spell to suppress Klaus' werewolf side. In The Killer, Klaus was in Italy digging up Alexander's sword. As the series progressed, Klaus fell for her even more because in his eyes, she's too smart to be seduced by him, she's beautiful, strong and full of light. Stefan then tries to make a deal with him. Klaus is seen at the cemetery talking to Cassie (who was being possessed by Estherat the time) and having tea with her. However he is stabbed with the blade by Lucien. Esther uses a spell to make Klaus see Elijah, but Klaus finds out, and tells her to stop with her tricks, as he wants to talk to her. Klaus remains pinned to the wall as Hayley gives birth to his daughter. Klaus gets frustrated and demands that Finn get to the point and understands Klaus' cruelty, but not Elijah's as he should've been the most compassionate one. Klaus threatens Davina (who cast the spell for Marcel) by biting Josh into telling him where Marcel is. He ordered him to help Jeremy complete his Hunter's Mark, or he would give him up as a victim himself to Jeremy. He grabs her and tells her that they are no longer family, he snaps her neck and leaves her on the floor unconscious. Every one of you has died, you gallery of spooks! After that, Klaus talks with Aiden, persuading the wolf to go against Jackson orders, and move quietly. Klaus is later seen backing up Hayley's decision to send their daughter away to keep her safe as New Orleans is too dangerous for the baby to stay, (for now). Klaus brings up Marcel and his rules when Rebekah claims that he does not have any friends. [157]Klaus and Mikael at a diner. They swore to each other they would stay together always and forever. His mother Esther often tried to calm Mikael when he became angry with Klaus, but she never tried to stop him from humiliating or from physically/mentally abusing her son. Klaus tries to confirm his grip over the down and asks help from Marcel. When Caroline showed up, Klaus laughed at Caroline, obviously, but couldn't resist her when she smiled and begged him to go into his "creepy trophy chest of family collectibles" and find her a gown that would make her look "Princess Grace of Monaco" hot to which he did. He tells her about his brother's paranoia that people are conspiring against him and asks if she knows of Jane-Anne Deveraux. After that, Klaus goes to the tomb where he left Esther, and finds her missing to.